диакон Андрей Кураев (diak_kuraev) wrote,
диакон Андрей Кураев

Деканонизация святых

Измененный список католических святых. Указаны только измененные памяти. Где-то перенесена дата празднования, но в ряде случаев значится:

"Alexius, 17 July, deleted: his Life is fabulous". То есть справедливо указывается,что Житие Алексия человека Божия есть сказка.

То же самое сказано и о столь ныне чтимой в одном уральском городе святой Екатерине:

Catherine, 25 November, deleted: the Passion of Saint Catherine is entirely fabulous and nothing certain can be stated about her

Mysterii Paschalis

Mysterii Paschalis is an apostolic letter issued motu proprio (that is, "of his own accord") by Pope Paul VI on 14 February 1969. It reorganized the liturgical year of the Roman Rite and revised the liturgical celebrations of Jesus Christ and the saints in the General Roman Calendar.

By this document, Pope Paul VI implemented the Second Vatican Council's norms for restoring the liturgical year and "approve[d] by Our apostolic authority…the new Roman Universal Calendar…and likewise the general norms concerning the arrangement of the liturgical year".[1] Read more...Collapse )
• Barbara, 4 December, deleted: her Acts are completely fabulous and there is much disagreement among scholars about where she was martyred.
• Sabbas, 5 December, left to particular calendars: not "truly of universal importance".
• Melchiades, 10 December, left to particular calendars: died not as a martyr after the Peace of Constantine.
• Eusebius, 16 December, moved to the day after his death, 2 August.
• Thomas, 21 December, moved to the date of the transfer of his relics, 3 July, in order not to interrupt the series of major weekdays leading to Christmas
• Vigil of Christmas, 24 December, reduced to the optional evening Mass.
• Note: the commemoration of Saint Anastasia previously included in the second Mass of Christmas Day, 25 December, is omitted in line with the rule in the revised Roman Missal: "At Mass only a single Collect is ever said",[16] and was not mentioned in the commentary on the revision of General Roman Calendar, which says of 25 December: "No change.".[17]

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